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>UK Teens, Abortion Rights?

>The Family Planning Association in the United Kingdom is pushing a video called “Why Abortion” for use in schools teens, according to the website. The laws in the United Kingdom differ in different regions. Abortion is still illegal in Northern Ireland, for instance. England and Wales, where abortion is legal and, like contraception and … Continue reading

>California rejects parental notification for minors’ abortions

>California voters have voted against a State Constitutional amendment to require doctors to notify parents when minor girls obtain an abortion. From the San Francisco Gate: Proposition 4 would alter the state constitution to prohibit a minor from obtaining an abortion until 48 hours after her doctor notified her parent, legal guardian or, in certain … Continue reading

Surfing is brain exercise (buy your parents a computer)

Surfing the Internet stimulates middle-aged and elderly brains more than reading a book. In fact, the more you surf, the more stimulation of blood flow to the brain. At left, a functional Magnetic Resonance Image (fMRI) of the brain while reading a book and at right, the brain while surfing the web. The red areas … Continue reading

>Abortion restrictions can be healthy

>The last couple of weeks I’ve been getting ready for the American Academy of Family Physicians’ Annual Scientific Assembly and the hearing of several controversial resolutions at our Academy’s Congress of Delegates, held last week in Chicago, Illinois. One of the resolutions called for the protection of “physician-patient confidentiality” by restricting the information that insurance … Continue reading

Texas HPV Vaccine

One of my goals is to translate between the pro-life and pro-family community that has a religious background and those who do not necessarily count themselves as religious. Sometimes, it seems that’s all I do. Governor Rick Perry evidently surprised most of the world with his brave move concerning a vaccination against Human Papilloma Virus, … Continue reading

The fatherhood question

Kevin T. Kevin questions my post concerning the rights of fathers to choose to be fathers or not to be fathers. Irony was the point, Kevin. There definitely is no child for hours to days after ejaculation. There’s not even an embryo or fetus. Where is the logic in determining the “personhood” based on one … Continue reading

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