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>UK Teens, Abortion Rights?

>The Family Planning Association in the United Kingdom is pushing a video called “Why Abortion” for use in schools teens, according to the website. The laws in the United Kingdom differ in different regions. Abortion is still illegal in Northern Ireland, for instance. England and Wales, where abortion is legal and, like contraception and … Continue reading

>Court upholds Texas Prenatal Protection Act

>In 2003, the Texas Legislature passed a Prenatal Protection Act, which named the unborn children of Texas individuals from fertilization to natural death. Texas law also calls the “individual” a “person.” With the world the way it is after Roe versus Wade, and because most of us have compassion for a woman who believes she … Continue reading

Feminists For Life History

I wrote about Serrin Foster’s article on National Review Online, yesterday. Be sure and click through to the actual op-ed and to the Feminists for Life website. (Especially the “Covetable Stuff”!) The actual founders of F4L were two women, Catherine Callaghan, Ph.D. and Pat Goltz. Like many of us in the ’70’s and ’80’s, these … Continue reading

>"Forcing" women to talk to their doctors

>This pro-abortion rant from the San Antonio Current is really reaching: Frank Corte is a pro-life legislator who wants to control Texas’s women and health professionals. With HB 21, he wants to deny women the ability to review abortion warnings privately on video, and instead force them to hear it directly from the doctor; with … Continue reading

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