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>Rumor: Francis Collins to head NIH

>The Scientist reports that the name being circulated as most likely to head the National Institutes of Health is Francis Collins. Dr. Collins spearheaded the US government efforts to document the human genome. However, he’s just as well known for being not only a believer, but a Christian. He has told the story of his … Continue reading

>Politics Bites (Creation, Evolution and the TEA)

>Chris Comer, Director of Science Curriculum for the Texas Education Agency (TEA) sent out an email from her State account that was blatantly political in nature and which she knew was a bad idea. Surprise! So did her bosses. She made the political move, and got fired for it. Really, advocating a lecture titled, “Inside … Continue reading

Professor Chooses to Deny Free Will (at Cornell)

This is not a religious blog, although I would never deny my faith or that my world view is strongly influenced by the fact that I’m a Christian. I just believe that the big Truths are pretty evident, even for those without faith. This is the heart of ethics: there are rights and wrongs, “yeses” … Continue reading

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