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S.A. blood center enters a new realm in the field of regenerative medicine | Investor Stemcell

“The Blood & Tissue Center generated $140.1 million in revenue last year, according to its annual report.” and,   GenCure is “filling a niche for a very high-growth industry and at the same time fulfilling another mission — treating patients,” Badylak said in an interview. “The field has grown so fast that the need for … Continue reading

Austin Stem Cell Research Symposium

I attended a once in a lifetime event sponsored by the Austin Heart Hospital and Texans for Stem Cell Research on the University of Texas campus Wednesday, October 27th. Six (edited – not five as I originally wrote.) researchers reported on cutting-edge stem cell research works-in-progress, right here in Texas. The presentations by the PhD’s, … Continue reading

>Stem cell video collection

>Here’s a video featuring Scotland’s Dr. Colin McGuckin, who has been doing research on cord blood stem cells. Dr. McGuckin has worked with the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and NASA to produce embryonic-like stem cells from umbilical cord blood cells. His lab has gone on to stimulate those embryonic-like stem cells – … Continue reading

>Wash this reactionary’s mouth out with soap!

> compares the Bush administration’s happiness about reprogrammed adult stem cells with that man, Mr. Clinton’s, “I did not have sex with that woman!” and President Bush’s statement “Mission accomplished,” after our US troops captured Baghdad. I’ll accept the latter (at some future date, if the evidence supports it), but the first is at least … Continue reading

>More Questions on Embryonic Stem Cells

>Lydia asked about my comments on embryonic-like cells derived from umbilical cord blood. Umbilical cord blood itself appears to be at least multipotent. However, Texan and British researchers worked with NASA to produce “embryonic-like” stem cells by manipulating them with filters and a special centrifuge. Here’s my post from August, 2005 on those cells. And … Continue reading

>Cutting Edge Juvenile Diabetes Adult Stem Cell Research

>Interrupting our discussion on State force and conscience, but this news is just too cool to postpone:Regenetech, the company that has the license agreement with NASA for the “Intrafuge” that processes cord blood cells and bone marrow cells for the production of embryonic-like and select stem cell treatments, has announced a two year agreement for … Continue reading

>Small Town Hospital Collects Cord Blood for Texas Public Banks

>I was so happy to hear that my local hospital is now one of the hospitals that collects cord blood for the public banks. The cells from cord blood are rich in adult stem cells that can be used to replace the bone marrow of children with blood disorders and for treatment of all sorts … Continue reading

>Great news from the mom of a child with diabetes (cord blood)

>There’s a great comment today from the mom of a boy whose Type 1 or Juvenile Diabetes is being treated with cord blood: Darla Lindenmayer said… My son so far has been the oldest to participate in the cord blood trial. We are excited how well it is working. My son has gone from 5 … Continue reading

“Con-Job,” “Deception” (Amniotic Stem Cells)

Don C. Reed, a rabid supporter of embryonic stem cell research – and, it seems, only stem cell research – has written an editorial, “Coincidence or Con-Job?” He flatly states that he believes that we are witnessing an act of “weapons of mass deception” in the timing of the release of the newest issue of … Continue reading

We need sharing, not eggs or embryos!

From WebMD: “We don’t need any eggs or embryos at all,” says Shinya Yamanaka, MD, a professor at the Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences in Kyoto, Japan. Yamanaka describes his lab’s early successes in mice creating stem cells from adult cells. His research involves isolating two dozen chemicals that give embryonic stem cells their ability … Continue reading

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