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>Force Medicare "reform" without proof that it will work?

>The Washington Post reports on the latest findings of the “Medicare Payment Advisory Commission” (MedPAC) today. According to the WaPo, this is a “commission that advises Congress on the federal medical program for older Americans.” In other reports, there is mention that President Obama plans – at the same time – to cut Medicare and … Continue reading

>Why the medical home sounds good but won’t work

>A sister Family Physician says in her blog, “Musings of a Dinosaur,” It is the source of endless angst among family doctors in solo and small group practice, because the structure of the PCMH excludes us by definition. The PCMH is advertised to work best in large group practices like Kaiser and the Mayo Clinic. … Continue reading

Goodbye Medicare, hello County Clinic

Where is the outrage over the destruction of (what is left of) Medicare and the debt we owe to veterans? I’m afraid that we’re not talking about “Medicare for all,” or even “Medicaid for all.” We’re talking about County Clinic for all. For a look at the proposed cuts in cost for Medicare, take a … Continue reading

Senate defeats Republican SCHIP pro-life measure

Senator Martinez from Florida introduced an amendment to the Senate Bill concerning the children’s health insurance bill that would have prohibited tax money going to non-government organizations in other countries and used to promote abortion, lobbying foreign governments to change their laws to accept abortion, and which would give those organizations more money to perform … Continue reading

>Insurers, you go first

>You did know that due to the Social Security Act and the Patriot Act your medical records can be viewed and copied by anyone who claims to be an agent of the Secretary of Health and Human Services, didn’t you? Or that those same agents write their own subpoenas? (The best reference is this ACLU … Continue reading

Healthcare lottery

When you buy a lottery ticket, do you choose the cash option with its immediate payout of half the winnings or do you choose the payment of the full amount, doled out over 20 years? I’ve found this question to be a good way to help other people understand the difference between conservativism and those … Continue reading

>Dr. Nurse? Why not just Doctor?

>Get ready for Dr. Nurse, who will call himself/herself “Doctor,” but who, after 4 year bachelor’s degree in nursing, has gone to the Doctor of Nursing school for two years with a one year internship — that’s compared to the 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, followed by at least 3 years … Continue reading

>Secretary of Health Supports Conscience

>Secretary of Health Michael O. Leavitt has stepped up to protect the right of conscience and conscientious refusal, specifically in the right not to be forced to commit or be complicit in abortion and other forms of killing. The Secretary has sent a letter to the President of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology … Continue reading

Medicare Pie Cut Thinner

Think of the money that Medicare pays doctors for seeing patients as though it’s a pie called the “Sustainable Growth Rate.” This pie is not going to get bigger unless Congress cooks some more pies by New Years. Otherwise, when more patients join Medicare and more pieces are needed next year, we will have to … Continue reading

>Varied and deep rooted (cost of health care)

>I’d just add a few observations to the New York Times editorial (free registration required) on the cost of health care in the US. I’m a big proponent of making patients responsible for more of their health care costs. Health Savings Accounts, long term care insurance, and even deductibles are good ideas. I would also … Continue reading

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