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AMA opposes marriage and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

November 10, 2009, delegates to the AMA interim session approved resolutions recommending that the AMA oppose same sex marriage bans, urge redefinition of marriage under federal and state laws. They also recommend the ending of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in the military. “Report 1” – “REPORT 1 OF THE COUNCIL ON SCIENCE AND … Continue reading

Politics bites science

For a clear outline as to why you shouldn’t believe that 45,000 people die each year because they don’t have insurance, read the blog entry by John Milloy, publisher of “Junk Science” on last week’s report in the American Journal of Public Health. Forget that the authors are blatantly biased members of the “Physicians for … Continue reading

>Why the medical home sounds good but won’t work

>A sister Family Physician says in her blog, “Musings of a Dinosaur,” It is the source of endless angst among family doctors in solo and small group practice, because the structure of the PCMH excludes us by definition. The PCMH is advertised to work best in large group practices like Kaiser and the Mayo Clinic. … Continue reading

Goodbye Medicare, hello County Clinic

Where is the outrage over the destruction of (what is left of) Medicare and the debt we owe to veterans? I’m afraid that we’re not talking about “Medicare for all,” or even “Medicaid for all.” We’re talking about County Clinic for all. For a look at the proposed cuts in cost for Medicare, take a … Continue reading

>Insurers, you go first

>You did know that due to the Social Security Act and the Patriot Act your medical records can be viewed and copied by anyone who claims to be an agent of the Secretary of Health and Human Services, didn’t you? Or that those same agents write their own subpoenas? (The best reference is this ACLU … Continue reading

Healthcare lottery

When you buy a lottery ticket, do you choose the cash option with its immediate payout of half the winnings or do you choose the payment of the full amount, doled out over 20 years? I’ve found this question to be a good way to help other people understand the difference between conservativism and those … Continue reading

The Joke’s On Us (healthcare finance)

From a fellow family physician, more reasons to avoid expanding centralized, government insurance: The Joke’s On Us as ALWAYS! Remember that 4.4% Fee Schedule Reduction we had to start the year from Medicare? Remember we were given that back through all the efforts of the AMA and AAFP? Forget about the fact that the fee … Continue reading

Massachusetts is about to go bankrupt

And run off all the business left in the State. More on that insurance scam plan from Massachusetts, this time from the USAToday coverage: The plan hinges in part on two key sections: the $295-per-employee business assessment and a so-called “individual mandate,” requiring every citizen who can afford it to obtain health insurance or face … Continue reading

Free equals fraud

I wish I could applaud the Massachusetts initiative to require everyone to have health insurance. I haven’t seen much to recommend the government as a responsible regulator of insurance or healthcare. Healthcare too easily becomes an entitlement that can be used in the way that circuses and bread were in old Rome: If you play … Continue reading

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