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Forget conscience – go straight to mandate

Human Events has an editorial from Christian Medical And Dental Association’s Jonathan Imbody. Here’s an excerpt: A national poll showed that Americans favored the “conscience clause” regulation and the civil rights laws it enforced by a two-to-one margin. During a 30-day public comment period, an astounding 340,000 comments and petitions poured in favoring the regulation. … Continue reading

Former Senator Explains Consequences of Bill Language

Former Senator from Tennessee, Fred Thompson, explains the consequences of the language concerning end of life care that is included in the current version of House Bill 3200. I do read the language as making the counseling mandatory, although not necessarily a demand that doctors (or nurses, if they are the “primary care providers”) tell … Continue reading

Page 425 (end of life counseling)

I received several emails over the last few days concerning page 425 of the House Bill on Health Reform, HR 3200, which outlines mandatory end of life “options” counseling. Technically, it appears on the surface to allow doctors (and other “providers”) to charge for the counseling. But, yes, it’s mandated counseling and in the wrong … Continue reading

>Congressman Henry Cuellar on Planned Parenthood

>Went to this morning’s McQueeney, Texas meeting where Henry Cuellar was met with an overwhelming group of constituents upset over what’s happening in Washington, DC. Rep. Cuellar told us that he voted in favor of Planned Parenthood funding yesterday because they give care to “mothers” and he does everything he can do to support mothers. … Continue reading

Myth: doctors take out tonsils needlessly

Then, there’s the charge that doctors will needlessly take tonsils out. First, it’s unlikely that your Family Physician or Pediatrician does surgery. Second, I don’t think the ENT’s are getting paid for these anymore, unless they jump through hoops to prove that they’re not over-doing it. AP: In trying to rally support for health care … Continue reading

>Obama Press Conference Transcript

>The transcript of the press conference is on line at the Washington Post. However, if you want an annotated version, try this blog.

>Thoughts on Obama’s health speech July 22, 2009

>Why doesn’t the President just say that the Executive branch employees in his Administration will get rid of their insurance and go on Medicare??? Not a doggone thing that the President is talking about tonight – except for the taxes, the increased bureaucracies and the requirements that Pharmacy companies discount meds – is in the … Continue reading

>Ann Coulter on government Health Care finance

>On the other hand, there’s Ann Coulter’s take. Give Ann a chance, here. She makes some very good points. Addendum — Including this one: Now the Democrats want to force us all into one gigantic national health insurance plan that will cover every real and mythical ailment that has a powerful lobby. But if you … Continue reading

>Governor Jindal reminds us how FEMA helped flood insurance

>You may not be aware that the only way to buy flood insurance is through FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In fact, the Agency draws the lines for the Flood Plains and so, decides whether you need flood insurance. Executive Order 12127 President Carter’s 1979 executive order merged many of the separate disaster-related responsibilities … Continue reading

>Health Care Reform: Tax and Spend (and abortion on tax dollars)

>(Editorial correction: Sermo was not begun by the AMA. It is a private group, possibly funded originally by pharmaceutical companies. But, no one there knew the funding source.)(The vote is now nearly 11,000, and still against the new plan.) How about a simple solution to the rising government expenditures for health care: don’t “force Congress” … Continue reading

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