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>Daschle/Dole/Baker! Health care on the fast track -along with the entire Nation’s finance

>Right after this Yellow Brick Award ceremony, I’m thinking that it may save my life for me to learn to use Twitter and Facebook. Now. While President Obama is planning to take over the entire finance world ASAP, ABC is planning their all-day infomercial for Obama and his push – there is no “plan,” yet … Continue reading

This is your future on Government Medicine

  Imagine that it is 2016, and you are a 65 year old boomer. You have been admitted to your local community hospital with malaise, fatigue, vomiting and cloudy mental status. You have had blood pressure problems and diabetes for a few years, and have just been diagnosed with renal failure. As you drift in … Continue reading

>Election year pro-abortion push

>If you don’t want your child to suffer, you don’t choose Partial Birth Abortion (Intact Dilation and Extraction or “D&X”) and you certainly shouldn’t complain about State laws concerning prevention of fetal pain during the abortion. and Self Magazine have teamed up to discuss “When there is no good choice.” In the story, we … Continue reading

>Pallimed (a blog on palliative care) on the cadaver

>I stumbled on the blog, Pallimed, while chasing links last week. Today, I was able to read some of the posts. The blog is owned by a doctor and discusses the various elements of Hospice and Palliative medicine. Read this post for a beautiful excerpt of a statement by a Mr. Thomas Lynch while testifying … Continue reading

There’s still no “Texas Futile Care Act”

While Wesley Smith and I agree on 99.9999% of ethics issues, we disagree on the Texas Advance Directive law. One portion of that law, 166.046 covers cases where the doctor refuses to carry out the end of life decisions of a patient and/or his or her surrogate. Mr. Smith is predicting the “repeal” of what … Continue reading

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