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Texas Advance Directive Act Hearing

I had to work yesterday and couldn’t attend the hearing before the Human Services Committee of the Texas State House of Representatives, in Austin. I wasn’t even able to watch on the internet until about 5:30 PM. But, I still saw some of the most interesting testimony, and am very impressed that the meeting continued … Continue reading

There’s still no “Texas Futile Care Act”

While Wesley Smith and I agree on 99.9999% of ethics issues, we disagree on the Texas Advance Directive law. One portion of that law, 166.046 covers cases where the doctor refuses to carry out the end of life decisions of a patient and/or his or her surrogate. Mr. Smith is predicting the “repeal” of what … Continue reading

Texas Advance Directive Act – in its own words

§ 166.046. PROCEDURE IF NOT EFFECTUATING A DIRECTIVE OR TREATMENT DECISION. My comments are interspersed and at the bottom. Emphases are mine. (a) If an attending physician refuses to honor a patient’s advance directive or a health care or treatment decision made by or on behalf of a patient, the physician’s refusal shall be reviewed … Continue reading

Sorry for the interruption

No technical difficulties, just attendance at Trinity International University’s Master of Arts in Bioethics. This week marked the last of my classes. The program can be taken as an “executive” course, similar to many of the Master’s of Business Administration courses which are attended in a couple of blocks of a few days at a … Continue reading

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