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Autonomy – how far?

The case of the 16 year old boy with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in Virginia is one of the hard cases in medical ethics. The court has ruled that Starchild Abraham Cherrix must undergo chemotherapy against his wishes and the wishes of his parents. This is the second round of chemotherapy for the boy. He says that … Continue reading

FDA Chief Resigns Over Plan B

FDA Assistant Commissioner for Women’s Health, Susan Wood, says she can’t remain at the Agency because of the refusal to change the status of the drug protocol, “Plan B” often called the “morning after pill.” The Henry J. Kaiser Foundation’s daily news reports the fuss. I agree with the former Commissioner, she should not be … Continue reading

Professor Chooses to Deny Free Will (at Cornell)

This is not a religious blog, although I would never deny my faith or that my world view is strongly influenced by the fact that I’m a Christian. I just believe that the big Truths are pretty evident, even for those without faith. This is the heart of ethics: there are rights and wrongs, “yeses” … Continue reading

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