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Whose life is it, anyway?

  Trait selection in babies “is a service,” says Dr. Steinberg. “We intend to offer it soon.” Whoops, someone noticed that some of this reproductive technology stuff might not be ethical. Talk about controlling parents! Eugenics is a done deal. The cat’s out of the bag. There’s no going back. (Don’t think about the 14th … Continue reading

In vitro fertilization and the beginning of life

The Los Angeles Times (a one time free registration may be required) finally notices that couples who initiate in vitro fertilization are “finding themselves ensnared in a debate about when life begins.” The proposed Colorado amendment states, “The term ‘person’ or ‘persons’ shall include any human from the time of fertilization.” If it is passed, … Continue reading

>30 years: In Vitro Fertilization,Bioethics and Public Health

>My own first child is a little older than Louise Brown, the first child born from in vitro fertilization (IVF). This incidental pioneer celebrates her 30th birthday this month, calling for reviews and editorials on what her birth has meant to culture and to individuals, such as this one from the UK’s Telegraph. It’s good … Continue reading

>New York Times article on cloned humans

>The New York Times (free one time registration required) has a news piece on the Stemagen cloned human embryos, with reference to “making copies of people” and implantation of cloned embryos for reproduction. One of the men who donated the fibroblast skin cells is also the owner of Stemagen. The NYT has more on the … Continue reading

>Human embryos cloned in California

>Scientists at Stemgen, a La Jolla, California laboratory have published a report on the successful cloning of human embryos in the journal, Stem Cells. (The article is available free, due to the open access policy of the journal.) The authors are very clear: these are human embryos produced by somatic cell nuclear transfer or cloning. … Continue reading

>First babies from "Lab Grown Eggs"

>Well, the news out of Great Britain that apparently healthy twins were born from a new technique involving maturation of human oocytes – “eggs” – outside of the body will probably be hailed as the solution to the problem of where to get the eggs for embryonic stem cell and cloning research. It won’t solve … Continue reading

>"Real-life male pregnancy would be revolutionary

>Or, “gender in a blender.” Can someone give me a “duh”?? Jen Graves, of the (adults only) Seattle Stranger, has written a very long and informative essay on pregnancy, women, and men – especially the possibility of men becoming pregnant. Trust me, we have the technology. As a matter of fact, Ms. Graves tells us … Continue reading

Language change alert (“Embryonic” at 8 weeks)

We were due, I guess. We went through the redefinition of pregnancy (implanted in a uterus”), embryo (after 14 days or implanted in a uterus), cloning (therapeutic cloning, then somatic cell nuclear transplantation, nuclear transplantation, patient specific stem cells, production of “early stem cells, etc.) And now, we’re supposed to move the line of “embryonic” … Continue reading

>Trading eggs for fertility treatment

>Women who are desperatly trying to get pregnant, but who cannot afford to pay $5,000 – $6,000 for in vitro fertilization may be offered lower IVF fees in exchange for donation of some of their oocytes for research in the UK. The Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority approved the trades for one lab last July, … Continue reading

>Babies on "spec"

>Jennalee Ryan, in San Antonio, Texas, is offering pre-frozen embryos to momas and daddies who like the selection in the Abraham Center for Life catalog. In the terms used for new homes, she’s not building custom babies or even semi-custom babies, she’s offering “spec” babies. If the babies were dresses, these might be called “designer … Continue reading

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