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Texas teens form pro-life club

And, it seems that the kids in Coppell, Texas (near Dallas) are only “anti-abortion” because of the undue influence of their families and churches. From the Dallas Morning News: Abortion rights advocates say it’s even harder for them to organize high school students because of the focus on abstinence. “We’re up against a movement that … Continue reading

Renewed fuss over conscience in medicine

For some reason, the media has decided to focus on the proposed rule from the Health and Human Services Department on the right of conscience, even for doctors, and even for abortion. I guess they felt it was the right thing to do. LifeEthics has been following the conscience issue as it unfolded over the … Continue reading

>Causal link between abortion mental illness claimed

>Fergusson of Australia has published more data on his birth cohort from ChristChurch, New Zealand. This time, he’s claiming causal relationship between abortion and later mental illness. A 3 invited comments in the same journal seem to accept that his conclusion is true: Abortion responsible for depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, at least do some … Continue reading

>UK Teens, Abortion Rights?

>The Family Planning Association in the United Kingdom is pushing a video called “Why Abortion” for use in schools teens, according to the website. The laws in the United Kingdom differ in different regions. Abortion is still illegal in Northern Ireland, for instance. England and Wales, where abortion is legal and, like contraception and … Continue reading

>Why we need legal protection for the conscience

>The pro-abortion forces are objecting to the regulations that Secretary Leavitt has been working on, claiming that the Bush Administration is trying some “last minute” manipulations. However, LifeEthics reported way back in September 2005 about a move to make referral for abortion mandatory for doctors — in a sneaky way, too: The American College of … Continue reading

>The (manufactured) Stem Cell Debate at Dartmouth

>I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a report on a presentation that allowed half the space for “debate,” after the fact. The Stem Cell Debate at Dartmouth Sunday, November 16, 2008 Father Tadeusz Pacholczyk, Ph.D. was recently invited to give a lecture entitled “Stem Cells and Cloning: Understanding the Scientific Issues and the Moral Objections” … Continue reading

Tenth of California votes still not counted

California mail in votes and provisional votes are still being counted. As of Tuesday, November 11, The counted votes number just over 11 Million. 2.1 million votes are still uncounted, 1.1 million of which are mail-in votes. The votes cannot make a difference in the Presidential race, since Obama is already more than 2.1 million … Continue reading

>California rejects parental notification for minors’ abortions

>California voters have voted against a State Constitutional amendment to require doctors to notify parents when minor girls obtain an abortion. From the San Francisco Gate: Proposition 4 would alter the state constitution to prohibit a minor from obtaining an abortion until 48 hours after her doctor notified her parent, legal guardian or, in certain … Continue reading

Upside down ethics

That last post definitely points out the mess of current bioethics: Autonomy as the first principle, before the more traditional “Heal when possible, but first do no harm.” Is the purpose of medicine to give the patient what he or she wants, or is it to save lives and restore or maintain health? As I’ve … Continue reading

Discussion on Abortion in Australia

A med student’s blog, “Degranulated” posts his thoughts about the presence of anti-abortion protesters outside and inside his medical school. It seems that the Australian medical community is in the midst of a debate like ours on conscience rights, with new laws that impose a duty to refer and /or perform abortions on physicians. Public … Continue reading

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