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Don’t laugh: Nanoparticle rub for impotence

The next addiction? The next big scare? Most definitely the next big joke. What about the man’s sperm? And what about the female partner? How much of a dose will she and her DNA receive. What are nano particles, anyway? (Don’t answer that, I know the text-book answer.) There is a report of a new … Continue reading

Science Knowledge Quiz

The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press has a 12 question quiz on general science knowledge. Take the test, here, and tell me how you did. (I got them all right.) (Did I mention that doctors are current or former nerds who “aced” every class – at least until med school? In … Continue reading

Politics bites science

For a clear outline as to why you shouldn’t believe that 45,000 people die each year because they don’t have insurance, read the blog entry by John Milloy, publisher of “Junk Science” on last week’s report in the American Journal of Public Health. Forget that the authors are blatantly biased members of the “Physicians for … Continue reading

Obamacare-Point and Counterpoint

One of the best reviews of “Obamacare” I’ve seen. Obamacare-Point and Counterpoint Shared via AddThis

Follow up from Doctors for America

Received this message a few minutes ago. The only people who kept bringing up “what physicians can be doing now to ensure that Congress pushes forward to create meaningful health reform” were the same guys who made sure that the rest of us were on “listen-in” mode only. Still no mention about the close connections … Continue reading

Playing doctor with the White House

Who’s playing doctor with the White House: Another example of the lack of openness in the dealings of the Obama Administration (Informed consent blurb: Organizing for America, etc., along with all the White House websites, are collecting data including email and other information from everyone who visits or contacts their sites. I got a couple … Continue reading

Comments on President’s 9-9-9 speech

You can read the speech, here. As of 8:30 AM on September 10, there’s not much comment from the AMA or other powerful, interested observers. I wonder if, like me, they’re waiting to see the actions that result from the speech? Here are my own(Beverly Nuckols) thoughts after the speech: Quality, timely, or cheap medicine: … Continue reading

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