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>"Bella," the Movie (Review)

>My husband and I saw it in Austin, Texas today, with a group from Texas Alliance for Life. It’s a good movie, with flash-backs, flash-forwards and a twist at the end that took me by surprise. Here’s a review without spoilers.

>I forgot (a note on memory and humanity)

>I know that you may not be able to tell, but I’m trying to make my blog posts shorter. So, I left some quotes out of this morning’s post on memory. However, this quote from the Time Magazine article, “The Ethics of Erasing a Bad Memory” by Dr. Scott Haig, on human-ness needs to be … Continue reading

>First babies from "Lab Grown Eggs"

>Well, the news out of Great Britain that apparently healthy twins were born from a new technique involving maturation of human oocytes – “eggs” – outside of the body will probably be hailed as the solution to the problem of where to get the eggs for embryonic stem cell and cloning research. It won’t solve … Continue reading

>Drugs, Sleep, Memory and Ethics

>New information on the science of memory may one day finally tell me why I have a hard time remembering names and even faces, but I’ll store a patient’s potassium level without even trying. As with all science research, we’ll have to decide whether and why the information we discover matters and how to use … Continue reading

>Small Town Hospital Collects Cord Blood for Texas Public Banks

>I was so happy to hear that my local hospital is now one of the hospitals that collects cord blood for the public banks. The cells from cord blood are rich in adult stem cells that can be used to replace the bone marrow of children with blood disorders and for treatment of all sorts … Continue reading

>Television Ethics: "Private Practice"

>The TV show, “Private Practice,” hasn’t impressed me with its medical, social or psychiatric integrity. But, I found myself watching it tonight, October 24th, and was more impressed than usual. Tonight’s show touches on a cutting-edge bioethics topic that was also mentioned at last week’s American Society of Bioethics and Humanities. Major Multiple Spoiler Alert!!! … Continue reading

Political news in Nature Reports

Rather than science news, Nature Reports focuses on the political (I believe this is available without subscription, but let me know if you need a copy and can’t access it): News Feature Nature Reports Stem Cells Published online: 17 October 2007 Scientific definition by political request (by) Monya Baker The NIH must set criteria for … Continue reading

>Watson un – reasonable

>Dr. James Watson, the man who is credited with discovering the structure of DNA, along with Francis Crick and Rosalin Franklin, has lost his laboratory and much of his status as a respected science icon after allegedly making racist remarks. From the Times Online (London, UK): In his interview Watson had said that he was … Continue reading

The Politics of Embryonic Stem Cells: Gearhart “pressures” Atala

I was able to attend the “Understanding Stem Cells: Science and Policy” lecture at the Koshland Science Museum, the museum of the National Academies of Sciences, in Washington, DC last week where I heard Jonathan Moreno, PhD, – the ethicist who works for and advances the American Center for Progress and Dr. John Gearhart, Director … Continue reading

>Between two cultures

>There’s been a lapse in my blogging this week as I’ve been in Washington DC for the American Society of Bioethics and Humanities annual conference, with a few forays into the Washington Briefing, “Value Voters” forum. The ASBH is full of conferences like the Panel Session entitled “Collaborated Death: An Exploration of the Swiss Model … Continue reading

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