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Tenth of California votes still not counted

California mail in votes and provisional votes are still being counted. As of Tuesday, November 11, The counted votes number just over 11 Million.

2.1 million votes are still uncounted, 1.1 million of which are mail-in votes.

The votes cannot make a difference in the Presidential race, since Obama is already more than 2.1 million votes ahead of McCain. However, both Proposition 4 (on requiring parental notification of a minor’s abortion) and Proposition 8 (State Constitutional amendment defining marriage as one man and one woman) differ by only about 500,000 votes and the outcome could be changed by the mail-in ballots, alone.

The Secretary of State’s information on unprocessed ballots is available, here. The daily breakdown of unprocessed votes in a .pdf report is here and this page also shows which counties’ reports are final and which are partial.

Current counts, with links to interactive maps are here.

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