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“The motivation is abortion”

The motivation is abortion,” says R. Alta Charo, a professor of law and bioethics at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. “If the Supreme Court allows states to declare embryos as personhood, you would be in a position to say immediately that all abortions have to stop.”

LifeEthics covered this story a few days ago, but this quote deserves a second look – and repeating for the record.

The comment by (Robin) Alta Charo in the LA Times explains the opposition of “Resolve,” the National Infertility Association, to Colorado’s proposed State Constitutional Amendment 48. That Amendment reads,

“The term ‘person’ or ‘persons’ shall include any human from the time of fertilization.”

Here’s an article on a rally in Colorado opposing the Amendment, led by Resolve.

The “foes” of the amendment are claiming that it would criminalize “several forms of contraception” and in vitro fertilization. However, I believe that IVF could be carried out in a manner that respects each individual begun that way, if each is treated as a human being deserving of life.

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